Search Results

From the Search Results screen, you can:

Sorting your results

To sort your search results, choose a sort criterion using the Sort By drop-down list box on the left side of the Search Results screen and click the Sort button.

Navigating your results

When your search results include more than 10 results (or your chosen number of results per page), navigation links to other pages of results appear as hyperlinked numbers and as "First," "Last," "Next," and "Previous" links on the bottom of the Search Results screen. Click these links to go to the Previous or Next page of results or to jump to a numbered page of results. Each page of results contains 10 entries by default.

Refining your search

The list of search facets on the left side of the Search Results screen can help you refine your search. These search facets are hyperlinks that let you narrow, or filter, your search results according to different categories of information such as author, subject, and location.

The numbers next to each facet indicate the number of items in your search results that match that search facet.

To refine your search, click on a search facet. Your results list will be refined to include only those items in both your original search results AND the search facet categories you selected. The search facets you see will change as you change your search parameters.

Adding a Term
If your library has enabled this feature, you can also refine your search by typing an additional search term in the "Additional Terms" search box and clicking the Add button. This performs a search that contains all of your previous search terms, filters, and facets as well as your new search term.

Broadening your search

The Current Search section, on the upper left side of the Search Results screen, displays "Viewing all records" or shows your search terms. If you have used additional search terms, or if you have applied search filters, a small X button will appear next to each search parameter you used.

To broaden your search, remove a search term by clicking the X button next to it. A new search is performed that includes all of your search terms except for the search term you removed.

Subscribing to an RSS feed of your search results

You can subscribe to an RSS feed of your search results by clicking the Syndication icon at the top of the Search Results screen. Clicking this icon brings you to your web browser's RSS subscription page, where you can choose how to subscribe to the feed.

Creating a link to a page of results

To create a link to a page of results, click the AddThis™ link at the top of the search results screen. When you click on this link, you can choose your favorite social media site, such as Digg™ or Facebook, and the AddThis application helps you create a link on your chosen service to your current Search Results screen.

You can also use the AddThis link to send an e-mail to yourself or someone else, or to print the page of results.

Requesting an item

To place a request on an item, click the Request button associated with the item's title. You must log in to complete the request. Note that the number and location of available copies are listed beneath the item's title.

Viewing more information about an item

To view more information about an item, click on the item's title. The Item Details screen will be displayed.

Adding items to the Cart

To add items to the Cart:
  1. Check the check box next to each item you would like to save to the Cart.
  2. At the top or bottom of the Search Results screen, click the Add To Cart button.
Your selection is stored in the temporary Cart. Note that there may be a limit to the number of items you can add to the Cart; if you try to add too many items to the Cart, the items will not be added, and a warning message is displayed.

To save the items in your Cart to a list that you can access whenever you are logged in, You will be taken to the Cart screen, where you can save the items in your Cart to a list. Note that you must be logged in to save items to a list.

Performing a new search

To perform a new search, type your search term(s) into the Search box at the top of the Search Results screen and click the Search button. This default keyword search will perform a search of all of the indexed fields of the items. Note that not every word of every item record is searchable. If you do not succeed with your first search, try a new search term.

You can also perform a new search for items by a given author by clicking the author's name under an item's title.

Performing an advanced search

To perform an advanced search, click the Advanced Search link at the top of the screen.

Clearing your recent history

When you are finished, you can click the Clear Session link at the top of the page to clear your recent search history and the contents of your cart. The Clear Session link is only available to users who are not logged in. Logged-in patrons can clear their recent history by clicking the Logout link.

Saving a search

If you are logged in, you will see a Save button towards the upper right of the Search Results screen. Clicking the Save button saves the current search as your default search. This means that the next time you log in, the Search Results screen appears with the relevant search results. Like all search terms, your default search terms appear in the Current Search section of the Search Results screen.

Setting the number of results

You can choose the number of results that appear on each Search Results screen by using the Results per page drop-down list box at the bottom of the screen. When you are logged in, that number of results will appear on each Search Results screen until you change this setting.